Preveal Resources

Stock Room Photos

In the event that you don’t have a photo of your client’s room, use one of our gorgeous free stock room photos.

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Preveal Wall Photo Guide

Give this one-page guide to your clients to show them how to take the best photo possible for you to use in Preveal.


Lightroom Export Preset

This LR Preset automates the process of sizing images properly for Preveal, as well as placing your images in a folder within Dropbox.

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Photoshop Actions

Don't use Lightroom? Use these actions to resize photos to the recommended size and resolution for use in Preveal or to use a room photo in Preveal that is the incorrect aspect ratio.

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Collection Pricing Calculator

Use the calculator to automatically calculate suggested prices for your wall gallery collections.

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Preveal Video Tutorials

30+ videos that walk you through the various features and functions of Preveal as well as some basics on using your iPad.

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Salesographer will teach you to price, package and sell your photography, without feeling like a salesman.

Bonus: Preveal Community Members save $55 off the price of Salesographer!

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Get Started with Preveal

New to Preveal?  This is the place to start!  We’ll walk you step-by-step through the basics of Preveal as well as provide tips, best practices and a way to start making money with Preveal today!

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Preveal for the Wedding Photographer

Curious how Preveal can help you sell wall art to your wedding clients?  This guest post from Laura Novak is the resource for you!

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In Person Sales is Not For Me… is Preveal?

You don’t have to do in person sales in order to use Preveal.  Here are some easy ways to incorporate Preveal into your workflow!

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Making the Switch to In Person Sales

Best practices, actionable steps and practical advice for switching your business over to In Person Sales.

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