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Sell wall art with confidence by showing your clients exactly what their images will look like on their walls, at exactly the right size, all from your iPad.

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Higher Sales

Join 5,800+ photographers who are seeing astounding increases in their wall art sales by showing their clients exactly what their photos will look like in their own homes, at the right size.

Unmatched Service

You’ll stand head-and-shoulders above the sea of photographers sharing photos and leaving the work of figuring out what to do with those photos up to their clients.

Thrilled Clients

And for that standout service? Your clients will love you. And that means more referrals to their friends, who will be clamoring for your personal service and the same wall art in their homes.

Seamless Integration

Preveal fits perfectly into the Salesographer sales process, which is helping photographers around the world make more money, with happier clients, in even the most crowded markets.

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Infinite Templates

With over 150 templates included in Preveal, thousands upon thousands more available to download freely from the Preveal Community and the ability to create your own templates, you’ll never run out of layouts and inspiration for the perfect wall collection design for your clients.

Join the Community

The Preveal Community is a groundbreaking feature that allows any member to share templates they create as well as browse, sort, download and save any templates created and shared by other Preveal Community members around the world. Oh, and it’s 100% free in Preveal.

Build Your Own

Can’t find a wall gallery layout that’s perfect for your client? Build your own or, better yet, use a template from Preveal or from the Community as a starting point for your own custom layout!

Their Photos

There’s nothing more effective than showing your client exactly what it is they’re buying. Preveal allows you to forego the slew of samples and expensive projection equipment, showing your clients what their images will look like in their own homes, all from your iPad.

At the Right Size

The real magic of Preveal comes in being able to show your clients not only what their images look like on their walls, but being able to show them at exactly the right size! This takes all of the guesswork out of selling wall art and helps them visualize exactly how your work will look in their home.


With just a couple of taps you can share your finished gallery with your client via email or social media.

Customized for Your Business

Preveal makes it simple to customize your wall galleries to fit your brand. Choose your own template names, write your own descriptions and even set the types of products you sell and their prices, all from within the app.

Framed and Matted

Canvases not your thing?  Preveal makes it simple to add frames to your favorite wall designs and even change the frame color and mat size with just a couple of taps.

On their Walls

There’s nothing better than being able to show a client exactly what their photos will look like in the context of their own home.  It’s like a dressing-room for your photos, allowing your clients to ‘try it before they buy it’.

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Hover over the dots to learn more about the various features of the Preveal iPad app.

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“It was my very first time trying in-home sales. I had a borrowed iPad 2 from my sister in law. I bought and loaded Preveal, went to my appointment, and they bought 3 large canvases that easily paid for me to buy a new iPad Air, and cover the cost of Preveal! It was awesome :)”

- Traci Wutke

Case Studies


Michelle Carrillo
The Suitcase Studio

“Before Preveal I had canvases listed in my offerings, but I might have sold ONE. I carried an 11x14 sample with me, and while people oohed and aahed, they just couldn't PICTURE it on their walls. And neither could I. 

[After Preveal] I’m more confident in what I sell, I’m seen as an expert in my area and I'm no longer compared to shoot and burn photographers, since my client experience continues all the way through to the final finished products.”

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Caryn Scanlan
Caryn Scanlan Photography

“Before. Average sales around $350. Thousands (ok, not quite, but it felt like it) of 4x6's and 5x7's for Aunty Beatrice seven times removed. And of course, the Pièce de résistance - the amazing 8x10 for the wall.

[Now] my clients see my business as a a place to get wall art, and preserve details and memories for generations vs. a place to get a quick 4x6 to pass out to the family.”

Read Caryn’s Story

Laura James
Laura James Studio

“In person sales were terrifying, so I used an online purchasing gallery. I was lucky if I was to make $100 sale... in fact that was the best I could seem to do. I sold mostly smaller prints, nothing larger than the occasional 11x14.

Since that first Preveal sales appointment, I average about 1200 per sale. I mainly sell 24x30 or 16x20's, and almost always in a gallery layout. While I still sell 8x10s, they're always an afterthought purchase!”

Read Laura’s Story
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“I had my first ordering session using Preveal this morning.  Not only was my client super impressed with the app, she spent more than triple my average family portrait sale, and was thanking me profusely as I walked out the door!  This is such an amazing tool to add to my sales line up — thank you!”

- Amy Shertzer

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What’s Included:
Wall Art Design Tips
Let the Room Set the Tone
Let the Space Set the Size
Choosing the Right Photos
Choosing the Right Gallery Layout
Studio Spotlights
Erin Smagala Photography – Switching from Online to In-Person Sales
Michelle Ocampo Photography - Specializing in a Very Specific Niche
Joe Hendricks Photography – Creating Unique Work Every Time
Mandy Johnson Photography – The Importance of Unplugging
Studio Moirae - Work/Life Balance
Love is Love Photography – Capturing Candid Moments
Susan Peck Photography – Finding Your Niche
Turn Loose the Art – Moving Markets
Jen & Chris Creed, Photographers
Maximizing Your Photography Sales
The Importance of Setting Expectations
Three Steps to Higher Sales Averages

5,800+ Photographers Use Preveal
(Here's why...)


Lori Fuller

I easily made enough in this sale to cover the cost of the app, the iPad, PLUS I could’ve gone out and purchased another iPad and a reeeeeeaaallly nice dinner out!  Thanks, Preveal!


Scott Wilhite

I'm a believer. Have had trouble with sales in the past. Not only appreciate the awesome app, but also the suggestion and training to do in-person sales. On my first outing I sold an 8-piece cluster. Awesome... I'm amazed at how the clusters sell themselves with the app and an in-person visit!


Mandy Johnson

I knew Preveal was exactly what I needed! I immediately took down the projector, went back to beautiful paper proofs and of course had Preveal ready to show off. My clients loved it!  They were so impressed, it takes the guess work out of displays for both of us! My first sale using Preveal was over $5400 and many more since then.


Summer Safrit

After having a family mini session last fall, I thought that was the end of that order when they purchased a few digital files. They had shown an interest in some larger prints so I was able to designs two different samples to show them using their images from their home and office to make a $1600 canvas sale. They were blown away at the technology and I would have never gotten that sale without Preveal!


Wendy Cunningham

I have always sold jpg files, but I knew that this year I wanted to start selling more product. After using the Preveal app for the very first time, I made an $1125 sale!! She purchased a collection for her bedroom wall as well as for the living room.


Toki Lee

I met with [my clients] in person and was able to show them with Preveal how we can display their images and they absolutely fell in love with having multiple images up. They loved being able to watch how their display came together in Preveal... I used one of the templates from Bay Photo as a starting point and ended up designing my own. In the end, they ordered 13 canvases to showcase in their hallway area!!


Erin Schuerman

My client originally told me she wanted to order one small canvas print. I said, "Let me show you something..." I used the Preveal App to show her what a 9 canvas collection would look like on her own wall, and showed how it compared to the single canvas. I didn't say a word, I just showed her the images. Within seconds, she told me she wanted to purchase the collection. From that moment, I knew I'd never do another sales session without Preveal.


Amilia James

I knew that it would be worth it to spend the $400+ on an iPad and app just to use Preveal, but it still made me a little nervous! It was so worth it. My first sale with Preveal was the largest I had ever made, and it was so easy! The client bought 2 canvas collections and an additional canvas for her parents. I left the ordering session incredibly happy (and with $$$$ in my pocket), and the client was super excited about her collections!


Lena Hyde

The first time I used Preveal (with the Design Aglow galleries, of course!) I had a sweet sale of $6500. Family of 5, canvas groupings in 2 rooms plus a few gift prints. So much fun & easy to show and sell with. LOVE this app!!


Nyk Huber

Since buying Preveal a couple months ago I’ve done only a handful of sessions and sold over $20,000 in canvases. I highly encourage any photographer that is looking to increase their post-production sales to purchase this app. One sale with this app will not only pay for the app but will also likely pay for the iPad you are using it on!


Lindsi Luffman

Recently I did a family session and they were wanting some prints for their living room. Large open walls. I had her send me a photo of the room and the sizes she was requesting (8x10's). I then showed her the same wall with 2 16x24's and they LOVE them. I'm already booking more clients from her bragging about how awesome it was to see her photos on HER wall!


Laura Webb

As soon as I saw Preveal, I knew I had to have it for my clients! My husband was skeptical because of the price, but we decided to give it a shot. My clients love seeing their pictures displayed on their walls. Usually they'll come to an ordering session ready to buy prints. Once I show them how amazing their pictures will look on their own walls, the canvases sell themselves! My sales are easily 5 times what they were when I was relying on online sales!


Connie Fintel

My first time using Preveal was for a friend who was also a client. And even with her friends and family discount I was still able to sell enough not only to purchase Preveal but the iPad also. She went from wanting a 16x20 canvas to purchasing a 5 piece canvas wall grouping!!! Thank you Preveal! Because seeing is really believing!!


Caryn Scanlan

I had a family who were in the process of deciding whether to move or not, and were concerned about the size of their walls changing. I used Preveal to make a configuration that looks gorgeous on their wall now, AND showed them how it could be rearranged for different walls in other houses.  They loved it all, and spent just over $2k for their walls, and their future walls!


Stephanie Snyder

I have been a victim of the 8x10 curse for years now, especially since I don't have a studio space to project wall portrait sizes for my customers. After showing Preveal to my first client after I purchased it, she ordered a canvas and another wall grouping!!! Once she saw how amazing her own photos would look above her own couch, I didn't have to sell anything. Preveal did it all!


Albert Goodman

Largest wall canvas yet.  My client was moving houses and wanted a keepsake of the graffiti wall from her old house memorialized.  She wanted "large" but was unsure of the exact size for her wall.  Preveal to the rescue.  We're making her a 40x50 gallery wrap!


Caron J

My first sale after purchasing, my expectations were exceeded. It was so easy. The ability to show what my work would look like on their wall made all the difference! Instead of one large print, which was their intent, they purchased a set of complementary ones. Preveal tripled what would have been a simple sale and I walked away looking like the rock star that I am :)


Tara Bennett

Before the order consult, our client thought they wanted a few small prints and a 16x20... Then, we launched Preveal on our iPad and wow! The client was amazed by the true-to-life viewing and excited about the planning! The Wall portion of the order became 2 30x40 canvases, a 20x30 canvas, a 20x20 print and a 10x20 print! Preveal! You rock! Thanks for the amazing product! Couldn't have enabled our client to visualize the big picture without you!


Chinelle Rojas

I had been so used to taking the "easy way out" and doing all of my sales online. I had heard so much awesomeness about Preveal that I decided to take the plunge and buy the app. A week later I did my first in-person sales consultation and was absolutely stunned that I was able to make more during that sale than I had ever done selling online. My clients love being able to see what their photos would look like in their home and so do I. Definitely recommend Preveal to everyone I can!


Maria Holland

I recently started doing in person sales at my client’s homes.  I used Preveal for the very first time last night and before I could even get to prices, my clients were taking me all over their home to design wall galleries!  I have a 30×40 and 2 wall galleries sold on top of the Collection they purchased putting sales well over $2K… AND I am still building galleries for them!


Amy Shertzer

I had my first ordering session using Preveal this morning.  Not only was my client super impressed with the app, she spent more than triple my average family portrait sale, and was thanking me profusely as I walked out the door!  This is such an amazing tool to add to my sales line up — thank you!


Alicia Rius

I just bought Preveal and the 3 times I've used it so far, I have doubled the amount of my client's budget. They realize that the bigger the better. I work with fine materials and it's worth the extra investment to make the piece shine in their walls. It's very convenience! For them and for me!


Julie Effron

I barely even had to do anything, as soon as my clients saw their photos on their wall, they ordered exactly what they saw!


Michelle Carrillo

I have to say... I'd always OFFERED canvases, but it wasn't until I started using Preveal that I started actually SELLING them. Now I sell at least one per client, no joke!


Patti Andre

Really helped client visualize on her walls - did it at her home. She was wowed! Over $2500
3 large canvas' prints and one large wall print.


Amanda Schoch

My first sale more than doubled my previous average sale, but even more importantly I feel like I was able to give my client a highly personalized experience designed around their style and deliver something that went above and beyond their expectations!


Jennifer Skoog

My client instantly loved the canvas cluster I presented and bought a collection and used the credit to purchase the canvases. It only took the first preview!


Raluca Ioana

I purchased the Preveal black friday sale and made over 6 canvass sales in less than 48 hours! Wow, talk about an amazing product!


Laura James

My sales were averaging less than $100 a person! I decided to take action and purchase Preveal for my iPad. I loaded it up and (without any samples in hand) went to the local coffee shop for my first ever in person sale. 45 minutes later I had sold $1300 in product - including a 16x24" canvas - because the 8x10 she originally wanted really didn't fill up the wall space as envisioned! THANK YOU PREVEAL!


Yaneck Wasiek

We put the Preveal app right away to use - the same evening. Sent out photo layout to two of our clients and confirmed two sales the next morning. Over $2,000 in sales. So yes, the app and a new iPad got paid off the next day.


Heidi Moore

I used Preveal to facilitate the selection of the groupings that they loved, and they really appreciated being able to see how the images would look. In the end, the sale was my largest of the year and more than paid for the app plus the iPad. This app has greatly enhanced by customers' experience. I cannot thank you enough!


Ann Keen

The 1st sale I had after purchasing the app was amazing! My clients had me design multiple walls after seeing the 1st set I made for them. It was great to see their excitement over seeing images on THEIR wall. All they bought was clusters. This app is a game changer for me.


Julie Nabours

You've heard the saying, "If you want to sell it, you have to show it" . Well, I've shown it, and sold it! Preveal made back the cost of the app, the iPad it was on, +7 more iPads in just one ordering session! This is the WOW factor every studio needs!

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We're Chris and Adrienne Scott, the husband and wife team behind Preveal and Salesographer. We’re professional photographers-turned-app developers and we live in Colorado Springs with our kid, McScott and Boston Terrier, Wilson. We live and breathe photography sales, so please reach out anytime if you have any questions!

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