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  • I was in love with this app from the minute I saw it. I had been wanting to start doing in-person ordering sessions and this made me want to do them even more. Only one problem- I didn’t have an iPad. I went on the hunt, bought an iPad and just finished my very first in-person session. My client loved it as much as I did and I was able to help her decide on a wall arrangement for her house! SO glad I made the decision to purchase the Preveal app and look forward to many more sales with it!
    Kristine Freed | Kristine Freed Photography
  • I easily made enough in this sale to cover the cost of the app, the iPad, PLUS I could’ve gone out and purchased another iPad and a reeeeeeaaallly nice dinner out!  Thanks, Preveal!
    Lori Fuller | Lori Fuller Photography
  • "I saw a 240% increase in earnings PER SESSION. I actually had 66% fewer clients in 2013, yet I earned more overall income. without raising prices on my session fee. Comparing my sales numbers to other Salesographers on the very helpful private discussion forum, I still have a lot of room to improve... despite my already huge improvements!"
    Andrew Welsh, Andrew Welsh Photography
  • "Any photographer that follows the Salesographer system can increase their sales exponentially. Deciding to recommend this product to other photographers was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made."
    Sergio Photographer
  • Largest wall canvas yet.  My client was moving houses and wanted a keepsake of the graffiti wall from her old house memorialized.  She wanted "large" but was unsure of the exact size for her wall.  Preveal to the rescue.  We're making her a 40x50 gallery wrap!  But wait.  There's more.  Populate Preveal with archived images from previous clients and email the collage with a reminder that it's time for new portraits.  You might land a new booking or even bank a "refresh" sale from your previous proofs.
    Albert Goodman | A. Goodman - Imagery That Endures
  • Recently I did a family session and they were wanting some prints for their living room. Large open walls. I had her send me a photo of the room and the sizes she was requesting (8x10's). I then showed her the same wall with 2 16x24's and they LOVE them. I'm already booking more clients from her bragging about how awesome it was to see her photos on HER wall!
    Lindsi Luffman | Lindsi Rian Photography
  • "In an era when portrait photographers are giving up print sales in favor of digital files Spencer has figured out a die-hard, repeatable process for selling clients products. And his clients are THRILLED to own it. Selling products isn't magic, it is a process and Spencer is the perfect guy to learn it from."
    Todd Reichman, A Man to Fish Podcast
  • I knew that it would be worth it to spend the $400+ on an iPad and app just to use Preveal, but it still made me a little nervous! It was so worth it. My first sale with Preveal was the largest I had ever made, and it was so easy! The client bought 2 canvas collections and an additional canvas for her parents. I left the ordering session incredibly happy (and with $$$$ in my pocket), and the client was super excited about her collections! I am looking forward to using Preveal with all my clients from now on.
    Amilia James | Amilia Photography
  • My first in-person session with Preveal went very well.  They were originally so overwhelmed because they loved so many images from the session and they didn’t know how they were going to choose.  The app allowed me to help them make selections and show them exactly how to organize them and display them.  All 3 clients (2 mothers and a grandmother) purchased clusters for their walls.
    Carolyn Ryan | Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography
  • My client originally told me she wanted to order one small canvas print. I said, "Let me show you something..." I used the Preveal App to show her what a 9 canvas collection would look like on her own wall, and showed how it compared to the single canvas. I didn't say a word, I just showed her the images. Within seconds, she told me she wanted to purchase the collection. From that moment, I knew I'd never do another sales session without Preveal.
    Erin Schuerman | E.S. Photography
  • "In a world of sameness, Spencer has built an incredibly efficient and profitable business. It's been amazing to see him refine his methods and transform them into a simple and process-driven way of creating a truly profitable business. Spencer's sales methods are tried and true and they are a wealth of knowledge in an industry that definitely needs it. I've seen many friends increase their sales simply by applying a few suggestions from Spencer. I'd highly recommend it!"
    Tony Hoffer
  • Before the order consult, our client thought that a few small prints and a 16x20 for an art niche was what they were looking for... Then, we launched Preveal on our iPad and wow! The client was amazed by the true-to-life viewing and excited about the planning! The Wall portion of the order became 2 30x40 canvases, a 20x30 canvas, a 20x20 print and a 10x20 print! Preveal! You rock! Thanks for the amazing product! Couldn't have enabled our client to visualize the big picture without you!
    Tara Bennett | Taraloo
  • After having a family mini session last fall, I thought that was the end of that order when they purchased a few digital files. They had shown an interest in some larger prints so I was able to designs two different samples to show them using their images from their home and office to make a $1600 canvas sale. They were blown away at the technology and I would have never gotten that sale without Preveal!
    Summer Safrit | Real Promises Photography
  • Ridiculously easy to use. . . and ridiculously effective! Get a copy now, and with your first sale you should not only make your money back, but also make enough to have paid for your iPad.
    Sean McLellan | McLellan Style | Kudize.net
  • I recently started doing in person sales at my client’s homes.  I used Preveal for the very first time last night and before I could even get to prices, my clients were taking me all over their home to design wall galleries!  I have a 30×40 and 2 wall galleries sold on top of the Collection they purchased putting sales well over $2K… AND I am still building galleries for them!
    Maria Holland | Holland Creations Photography
  • I met with [my clients] in person and was able to show them with Preveal how we can display their images and they absolutely fell in love with having multiple images up. They loved being able to watch how their display came together in Preveal... I used one of the templates from Bay Photo as a starting point and ended up designing my own. In the end, they ordered 13 canvases to showcase in their hallway area!!
    Toki Lee | Toki Lee Photography
  • The first time I used Preveal (with the Design Aglow galleries, of course!) I had a sweet sale of $6500. Family of 5, canvas groupings in 2 rooms plus a few gift prints. So much fun & easy to show and sell with. LOVE this app!!
    Lena Hyde | Founder: Design Aglow | Project Life 365
  • I had my first ordering session using Preveal this morning.  Not only was my client super impressed with the app, she spent more than triple my average family portrait sale, and was thanking me profusely as I walked out the door!  This is such an amazing tool to add to my sales line up — thank you!
    Amy Shertzer | Amy Shertzer Photography
  • My first time using Preveal was for a friend who was also a client. And even with her friends and family discount I was still able to sell enough not only to purchase Preveal but the iPad also. She went from wanting a 16x20 canvas to purchasing a 5 piece canvas wall grouping!!! Thank you Preveal! Because seeing is really believing!!
    CJFintel Photography | CJFintel Photography
  • "Like a lot of other photographers, selling was a side of business that I never could fully embrace. I was constantly comparing my pricing to other photographers around me, and never really asking the question “why?”. Why should this cost x, and that cost y? What do I need to make every month to survive. Luckily, Salesographer had the answers that I needed. Salesographer made it simple for me to quickly establish exactly what steps I could take to make my business run smoothly, and most importantly, profitably. Thank you Salesographer!"
    Jason Prezant
  • I have been a victim of the 8x10 curse for years now, especially since I don't have a studio space to project wall portrait sizes for my customers. After showing Preveal to my first client after I purchased it, she ordered a canvas and another wall grouping!!! Once she saw how amazing her own photos would look above her own couch, I didn't have to sell anything. Preveal did it all!
    Stephanie Snyder | Stephanie Snyder Photography
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for showing this 'I'm not spending any money right now because business is super slow' photographer how valuable Salesographer is through your emails. I have poured over the PDF and videos in the last 48 hours and I am so thankful for everything I have learned from them! I still have huge strides to make on marketing to my target clientele, but now I feel really confident in holding sales sessions with both current and future clients. Just what I needed! Thanks to Spencer for putting it all together and thanks to Preveal for opening my mind (and thus my bank account) to give it a chance!"
    Jenna Roller, Jenna Michelle Photography
  • My first sale after purchasing Preveal and participating in a learning session (G+), my expectations were exceeded. It was so easy. The ability to show what my work would look like on their wall made all the difference! Instead of one large print, which was their intent, they purchased a set of complementary ones. Preveal tripled what would have been a simple sale and I walked away looking like the rock star that I am :)
    Caron J | CARONISM:Photography
  • I have never been into selling clusters but have been thinking about it.  The first sale I had after purchasing Preveal was amazing!  My clients had me design multiple walls after seeing the first set I made for them.  It was great to see their excitement over seeing images on THEIR wall.  All they bought were clusters.  This app is a game changer for me.
    Ann Keen | Ann Keen Photography
  • I have always sold jpg files, but I knew that this year I wanted to start selling more product. After using the Preveal app for the very first time, I made an $1125 sale!! She purchased a collection for her bedroom wall as well as for the living room.
    Wendy Cunningham | Wendy Cunningham: Photographer
  • I had a family who were in the process of deciding whether to move or not, and were concerned about the size of their walls changing. I used Preveal to make a configuration that looks gorgeous on their wall now, AND showed them how it could be rearranged for different walls in other houses.  They loved it all, and spent just over $2k for their walls, and their future walls!
    Caryn Scanlan | Caryn Scanlan Photography
  • "What is there not to LOVE about a simple, yet effective approach toward boosting sales and having clients fall even more in love with you and your work?! Salesographer has opened my mind to many aspects of portrait sales, and throughout the last year my sales averages have more than doubled. Clients are purchasing more canvases (Many HUGE thanks to Preveal) with the in-person sales process, as well as other tangible items versus a digital collection and a couple small prints."
    Jeff Allred, Jeff Allred Photography
  • Preveal has been such a valuable asset to my in-person AND on-line sales. I can use it to create mock-ups for clients whether sitting on their couch or in my own bed across the country. After discussing with clients to determine what they want, the pre-made templates allow for a quick creation of aesthetically designed wall galleries that have resulted in great success (read: money).  Any tool that saves me time (which saves me money) is good. Any tool that makes me money is even better!!
    Rachel Brenke | The LawTog
  • Everyone knows that to help our clients envision what’s possible on their walls, you have to show big to sell big. Well, now I can do both… anywhere, anytime. As a portrait photographer, Preveal is the truly mobile solution I have been waiting for.
    Dane Sanders | Dane Sanders Photography | Fast Track Creative
  • As soon as I saw Preveal, I knew I had to have it for my clients! My husband was skeptical because of the price, but we decided to give it a shot. I was so excited to show it off, so we took it over to my in-law's house-and my father in law bought a 20x30 on the spot!  My clients love seeing their pictures displayed on their walls. Usually they'll come to an ordering session ready to buy prints. Once I show them a sample canvas that they can see and touch, and then show them how amazing their pictures will look on their own walls, the canvases sell themselves! My sales are easily 5 times what they were when I was relying on online sales!
    Laura Webb | Laura Webb Photography

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